Oreo creates its own Total Eclipse around celestial event

As the UK collectively looks to the sky to witness today’s partial solar eclipse, Mondelz International biscuit brand Oreo is going one better by playfully creating its own total eclipse across a number of different media in a campaign conceived and planned by media agency PHD and Out of Home agency Talon.

Innovative digital OOH in London and Edinburgh will use data from the Royal Astronomical Society and TimeAndDate.com to track the movement in the sky and mirror it using Oreos in the outdoor creative to create an Oreo eclipse in the ads themselves.

This innovative combination of data and creativity has been created and delivered by Talon and Grand Visual alongside Storm, Outdoor Plus and Forrest Media.

The largest scale element of the #OREOECLIPSE campaign will see the production of the first-ever translucent cover wrap of the UK’s biggest selling newspaper The Sun. The wrap will appear around more than 2 million copies, the biggest ever translucent print run, which will be distributed across 50,000 retailers. Oreo will also take over thesun.co.uk for the day.

Activity across all media will be tagged with #OREOECLIPSE and will be supported with content across all social media channels throughout the day.

Jonathan Holden, marketing manager, Oreo said “We want Oreo to be an even more iconic brand in the UK. Playfully putting it at the centre of a moment where the whole country will be looking in the same direction makes this idea the perfect fit with that ambition.”

Matt Sanders, managing partner, PHD said “The creativity, determination and flexibility shown by News UK, Talon and Grand Visual to make #OREOECLIPSE happen is another brilliant demonstration of how media partners can successfully collaborate on ambitious, large-scale media ideas.”

Richard Simkins, innovations director at Talon said “We often talk about how data can improve the targeting of OOH campaigns. With #OreoEclipse we used astronomical data to build a wonderfully simple campaign only matched by the wonder of the solar eclipse itself.  We have created a domination opportunity on multiple Digital Out of Home screens for the duration of the entire eclipse. This has created a unique opportunity for Oreo to entertain people with a wonderfully creative ad, delivered in real-time, that was literally out of this world.”

Jeremy Taylor, account director at Grand Visual added, “The Digital OOH canvas is a fantastic home for both rich content and being smarter with context, timing and location. This execution mirrors the exact timings and trajectory of the eclipse, which allows for Oreo to position their brand in a playful and creative manner but with an added layer of intelligence.”

To view a time-lapse of the event click here.