InstaDOOH at Nonference

Why a crudely named session at a quirkily named event will get people thinking about expanding digital and social media planning and buying into digital Out of Home.

InstaDOOH at Nonference: Capturing the Essence of Innovation

Talon and QDOT are hosting a session next week at the IAB’s showcase Nonference event for digital planners. The instruction is for engaging interactive sessions with no PowerPoint. This provides a breath of fresh air for those hosting the sessions as well as the audience and provides us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase how Out of Home has moved seamlessly into the digital space.

The premise of our interactive session is for Grand Visual’s Creative director Ric Albert to provoke his audience by publicly taking their social media ads to account as part of an interactive session on how they might best work when integrated with digital OOH.

We’re bringing the traditional medium of Out of Home closer to the social experience and will explore the opportunities for reach, activation and contextual messaging that digital OOH now provides advertisers.

Delegates will get the chance to position the social ads they receive onto a digital OOH canvas. The context for this is strong growth in OOH and digital OOH. Delivered impacts are up over 70% with new inventory targeted at growing audiences whilst it’s now possible to drive critical reach levels using the channel more tactically and there’s an abundance of evidence that using digital OOH is now more effective at driving footfall, sales and other brand metrics.

An ability to drive measurable reach and activation sits alongside growing evidence that digital OOH works effectively with other channels, most notably those engaging digital messages.

Whether Neuroscience research from Ocean Outdoor, IPA research into brands using multiple channels, Facebook’s own research into digital media effectiveness or Talon’s 4th Space insight, all reveal digital OOH’s priming effect in helping brands exploit the complementary nature of getting your message in front of large audiences in the right context and moment.

Huge advances in location data and evidence metrics are now enabling us to target the right audiences on a behavioural basis. This gives agencies greater confidence in OOH’s ability to work in tandem with their digital and social campaigns. The contextual and creative opportunities location can bring to brand communications add a further dimension and real synergies to these campaigns.

Our Nonference session will aim to bring these synergies to the surface in an interactive way that shows how social campaigns can live and thrive Out of Home. Using our Mindsets research, we’ll share how people are changing the way they want to engage with brands and verticals at different times of the day and week, and how the growing digital OOH presence can take advantage of people’s own experiences to deliver more effective messages. The presence of the right audience at scale enjoying more quantifiable and measurable moments now creates a stronger OOH environment for engaging with the right message. We’ll aim to bring this to life for the social messages being served to our own Nonference audience next week under the imaginatively titled session, InstaDOOH.

Written by Nick Mawditt, Managing Partner at Talon Outdoor.