Icelandair promotes its new stopover service with OOH

Icelandair’s OOH Promotion: New Stopover Service Highlighted

LONDON, DECEMBER 2014 Tourists in Paris and Amsterdam were recently treated to free mobile Wi-Fi as part of a new effort from Icelandair to promote its stopover service in Iceland on flights between Europe and the US.

For one day only – in Paris on November 27th and Amsterdam on November 29th – Icelandair ambassadors targeted tourist spots in the city centres to build awareness of the service, which allows passengers travelling with the airline to stop off in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional airfare charge.

In partnership with OMG International, Mobile5 and Talon Outdoor, Blackjack Promotions’ created a campaign where promotional staff wearing branded Look Walkers took to the streets of both cities to target tourist hotspots and engage with tourists by promoting a free mobile Wi-Fi service, provided by Icelandair, helping them to avoid data roaming charges.

In exchange for the free Wi-Fi the customer was encouraged to interact with some exciting, bespoke 360 degree panoramic Icelandair content, created by Mobile5, which showcased spectacular views of Icelandic scenery highlighting some of what the country has to offer.

“We wanted to create standout in a cluttered marketplace and promote Icelandair’s unique Stopover offering in an interesting way,” says Farrah Esmail, Account Manager at OMG International. “To showcase the product, we infiltrated stopover moments that our audience were having in day to day environments (queues etc.) and made them that much better with free Wi-Fi and light refreshments. We also eradicated stopover boredom and gave people the opportunity to virtually experience a trip to Iceland via Oculus rift technology or their own mobile phones.”

The two-day campaign was a great success. In Paris, 669 tourists stopped to interact with the content in order to use the free Wi-Fi, with an average engagement time of 48 seconds. In Amsterdam, 435 unique users spent an average 43 seconds engaging with the Icelandair content.

“Early usage results and customer feedback has been extremely positive and we’re delighted to have been able to leverage the full suite of Omnicom services to deliver this digitally integrated activation for Icelandair,” adds Esmail. “We’re excited at the prospect of building on this this type of campaign in 2015.”

Natalie Riches, Account Director, Blackjack Promotions, adds: “As European gateways to America, Amsterdam and Paris seemed like obvious choices for promoting Icelandair’s stopover service. By targeting key tourist hot spots, we could be extremely targeted with this campaign. We not only offered them a free Wi-Fi service but by encouraging them to watch some short content first, tourists had the opportunity to really engage with the brand.”