Hiscox displays real-time cyber crime in digital OOH first

Hiscox’s Digital OOH First: Displaying Real-Time Cyber Crime Data

Specialist insurer Hiscox is using real-time cyber attacks on “honeypot” servers linked to Digital OOH sites for its latest advertising campaign “CyberLive”.

In a bid to drive awareness of advanced cyber crime and the threat to small businesses, Hiscox insurance launched a Digital Out of Home campaign displaying real-time cyber crime in a tactical execution which will run nationwide across key city and roadside locations from the 19th – 26th February.

The campaign works by pulling data from a purpose-built honeypot system typical of any standard small business server set-up. The honeypot monitors live hacks and the poster creative responds with a real-time pulsing “Cybercrime” headline and a ticker showing passers-by the cumulative amount of attacks to have hit the honeypot that day.

Based on initial trials, the number of attempted attacks each day is averaging 23,000. As the breaches build, so too does the headline, with each poster evolving and reacting throughout the course of the day.

The campaign was created by AMV, with production and tech build by Grand Visual. Dynamic content is managed and delivered by QDOT, using the AdTech platform OpenLoop to analyse real-time data and distribute to multiple screen formats and networks across the UK.

Media planning and buying is by Goodstuff and Talon and supports a broader campaign.

“Hiscox CyberLive is about making small businesses more aware of the very real threat that cybercrime poses and challenging the belief that cyber criminals only target larger organizations,” said Olivia Hendrick, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Hiscox UK & Ireland. “We were genuinely astounded by the number of attacks, especially up to 60,000 in one day, and hope this disruptive campaign serves as a reminder to all of the importance of cyber security.”

“Clever use of data and technology means this digital OOH campaign delivers a hard-hitting message and a compelling call to action for Hiscox Small Business Insurance,” said Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer, Grand Visual. “The threat is real, the proof is here, and the figures speak for themselves.”

“This campaign showcases the real potential of digital OOH and how for the right client you can steer the message using real time context and data to match a real issue to the Hiscox brand strategy,” said James Brunton, Client Director at Talon.

This article first appeared on AVNetwork.