Talon Outdoor Proves Programmatic OOH Delivers Better Results Than Online Channels

Atlas, Talon’s DSP, proves programmatic OOH delivers stronger payback on purchase intent compared to digital channels.

Talon’s Atlas DSP Boosts OOH Effectiveness According to Latest Research

Traditionally, out of home (OOH) has been considered a valuable channel for driving metrics such as impact and awareness. But now Talon’s latest research into the effectiveness of its programmatic demand side platform (DSP), Atlas, has shown that OOH can also payback on a variety of performance-based metrics more successfully than digital channels.

Atlas is the only DSP which leverages specialist data via Ada, Talon’s proprietary data management platform (DMP), created to combine years of OOH planning expertise with real and recent audience behaviours. Atlas puts audiences at the core of the platform, with Atlas campaigns proven to deliver a stronger payback by identifying and targeting consumers who are more likely to be in the market for certain brands and products.

Atlas campaigns are nearly four times more likely to drive brand consideration and twice as likely to shift purchase intent because they deliver relevant, viewed impacts within a brand-safe environment. Analysis from the independent research agency, On Device Research, shows an almost perfect correlation, of 0.988, between claimed intention and actual – underpinning the impact Atlas has on maximising brands ROI by shifting real-world behaviour.

Since launching in 2020, Atlas has delivered countless intelligent, data-driven campaigns for clients. and demonstrated how including data, automation and attribution to OOH is delivering stronger results on core KPIs traditionally associated with performance channels. Providing confidence in programmatic OOH’s ability to provide a direct response and act as an extension of client’s online strategies.

Emily Alcorn, Head of Insight, comments: “At Talon, we pride ourselves on our ability to lead and champion effectiveness within OOH, and the ambition was no different when we launched Atlas. We’re incredibly proud of the outstanding results which are a testament to our dedication in providing products and solutions that focus on delivering effectiveness for our clients.”

Josko Grljevic, Chief Transformation Officer, comments: “We built Atlas to redefine the OOH programmatic market with a data-centric platform that enables advertisers to capitalise on the wealth of OOH planning expertise. These results demonstrate how Atlas has transformed the OOH market to target and nudge consumers further along in their purchasing journey.”

Benchmarks were conducted from data analysis of Atlas campaign effectiveness studies with a sample of over n=2,400, which were then compared against On Device Research online and social benchmarks for brand uplift.