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London, 22nd February, 2024: Talon, the global independent Out of Home (OOH) agency, today announces the appointment of Sue Frogley as Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the business globally as it targets further growth and expansion.

Frogley is an accomplished industry leader with over 30 years’ experience growing successful global media businesses. She will join Talon from Publicis Groupe, where she was CEO of its media arm in the UK for over six years. Under her leadership, Publicis Media UK grew into a £2bn+ billings operation, thanks to several new business wins across its media agencies Zenith, Starcom and Spark Foundry. Before that, Frogley was President of Global Client Solutions at Publicis Groupe and previously spent over 13 years at Dentsu (then Aegis Media), where she held several global leadership roles, most latterly as Global President of Commercial Operations.

This appointment follows a rigorous selection process.  Frogley will report to Stewart Easterbrook, chairman and joins Talon’s global board.  Eric Newnham, who has acted as interim CEO for the past few months, will revert to the role of Founder and strategic advisor to the board.

Frogley is the latest in a series of new senior hires, signalling Talon’s commitment to ongoing strategic growth worldwide. Last year, Stewart Easterbrook joined as Chairman, the appointments of Mike Saunter as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Henry Lucas in the newly created role of Group Chief Commercial Officer soon followed.

Frogley’s appointment follows a period of significant growth for Talon, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023. Since Equistone Partners Europe, one of Europe’s leading mid-market private equity investors, invested in the business in July 2022, Talon has completed the acquisition of Evolve, the fast-growing, independent specialist OOH business, and the acquisition of Novus Media Canada Corp (now Talon OOH Canada).  

In her new role, Frogley will focus on further international growth, driving Talon’s digital capabilities and awareness of OOH as an effective, creative, data-driven media channel.

Stewart Easterbrook, Chairman, said: “Sue is a formidable and dynamic leader with a wealth of experience leading global media businesses.  I am thrilled to have someone of Sue’s calibre leading our business and look forward to working with Sue, and with our teams, to drive further growth in the scale and ambition of Talon.”

Sue Frogley said: “I have long admired Talon’s proposition, ethos and trailblazing spirit to challenge perceptions and drive growth in the OOH sector. Over the past 10 years, Eric has developed a talented team that has successfully built a unique and expanding global business that holds an enviable position in the industry. I can’t wait to get started and help unlock even more growth potential and shape Talon’s next important chapter.”

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New York, NY – February 20, 2024 – Talon, the global independent Out of Home (OOH) media company, and Out There 360, the Luxury Out of Home Independent Agency announced today that they have formed a strategic North American partnership to develop and execute data-driven, creative, and measurable OOH campaigns for luxury advertisers. 

“OOH remains a strategically vital medium for brands operating in the high-end market,” said Barbara Valensise CEO of Out There 360. “Talon is at the precipice of OOH transformation with proprietary data-driven tools and technologies that develop best-in-class creativity and drive measurable ROI at every step of the funnel. Being supported by a trusted and established local partner aligned with our values and approach to clients will enable us to deliver impactful and efficient ad experiences.”

Out There 360 provides bespoke omnichannel strategic solutions and a range of interdisciplinary communication services for high-end brands, from the development and production of creative concepts to delivery on traditional and innovative media. Headquartered in Milan, Out There 360 has extensive experience in the luxury fashion space, including partnerships with several of the most prominent luxury brands.

Talon will be fully integrated into Out There 360’s North American strategy and planning process, maximizing OOH’s impact and effectiveness for clients in this key region. Powered by best-in-class proprietary tools and technology, Talon’s suite of solutions will enable Out There 360 to capitalize on a transformed, innovative medium. 

“Our partnership with Out There 360 will be rooted in collaboration with the shared goal of unlocking the creative and brand building power of OOH for Out There 360 world class clients and partners across North America,” said Sarah Parkes, Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Talon. “As an advanced media channel that delivers reach, frequency, creativity, and results, OOH is unrivaled for brands to bring their stories and experiences to life at a meaningful scale.”

According to Statista, luxury goods sales in the United States have rebounded strongly, driven by increased consumer confidence and a growing appetite for high-end fashion and accessories. Latest projections from Bain & Company put the global luxury market at $1.65 trillion.  

Adds Parkes, “our integration with Out There 360 will ensure its leading luxury brands will have dedicated teams across key North American markets to execute OOH campaigns that engage consumers and deliver greater impact and outcomes.”

About Talon

Talon is a pioneering global independent Out of Home (OOH) media agency focused on delivering effective, creative, data-driven integrated OOH communications. Combining independence with a collaborative approach, Talon promotes open and transparent working relationships between many of the world’s leading agencies, clients, and media partners. Headquartered in London with offices in Canada, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Manchester, New York, and Singapore, Talon delivers expertise at global, national, regional, and local levels. Additionally, the agency has built a global OOH planning and buying network – Talon International – covering 100 markets across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Out There 360

Out There is an advisory firm that offers a range of integrated services for luxury brands, from go-to-market strategy to digital and physical brand communication, corporate social responsibility, and tech solutions. Out There 360 success is rooted in the continuous advisory that is offered to all clients. Headquartered in Milan, with local partners in Asia and North America, Out There 360 has a uniquely informed global perspective, aimed to create and advance a market-leader position for brands operating in the high-end market. For more information, please visit and follow up on LinkedIn.


The Stagwell (STGW) agency partnered with Talon to activate a first-of-its-kind connected commerce solution designed for all brick-and-mortar retailers.

Today, global media agency Assembly announced the latest in retail media innovation – a first-of-its-kind planning tool called ShopConnect that marries programmatic buying with digital out-of-home (DOOH) to create more effective and meaningful real-time experiences for consumers. The tool was designed in partnership with Talon, an independent OOH media agency, and Place Exchange, a programmatic SSP, to connect Assembly’s media activation capability to DOOH inventory located inside, outside, and in proximity to retailers across the United States. Assembly is committed to delivering omnichannel, full-funnel connected experiences to help clients’ brands perform, and ShopConnect is an embodiment of that.

ShopConnect redefines how advertisers strategize and execute their DOOH campaigns, targeting audiences at multiple touchpoints as they engage with brands on the path to purchase. ShopConnect ingests users’ behavioral data in real-time, optimizing delivery to ensure the right ads are served at the right time to consumers most likely to engage or convert. Whether consumers are commuting to work, shopping for a special occasion, or simply treating themselves to one of life’s simple pleasures – ShopConnect reaches consumers as they normally interact with the world and brands around them, natively integrated into their day-to-day routines.

“As advertisers seek smarter and more efficient ways to reach their target audiences, ShopConnect is the game-changer they’ve been waiting for and a significant leap forward in brand performance advertising,” said Andrea Montano, Executive Vice President of Insights & Connections at Assembly. “At Assembly, we find the change that fuels growth, and with ShopConnect, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and giving brands the power to harness the full potential of a data and tech-powered insights tool that makes retail campaigns more targeted, efficient, and measurable. Every impression should drive an outcome and ShopConnect pushes us further toward that goal.”

ShopConnect provides media buyers with direct access to strategic retail media – enabling them to identify, evaluate, activate, and report on DOOH inventory within specific retailer and venue types and drive lifts in consideration, brick-and-mortar visits, and sales. By automating the buying process and targeting specific audiences, ShopConnect reduces the wastage of ad budgets, resulting in higher ROAS (return on ad spend). “Marketers are increasingly prioritizing omnichannel strategies, and the digitization of OOH has become a powerful element in cross-platform consumer engagement throughout the customer journey,” said Jim Wilson, CEO of Talon U.S. “Our collaboration with Assembly represents a pivotal moment at the crossroads of OOH and retail media. We are equipping brands and agencies with cutting-edge tools and insights to unlock the full potential of OOH in reaching and engaging consumers throughout their purchase journey and driving full-funnel outcomes.” 

As marketers and agency partners pivot their media planning and buying strategies from channel silos to an omnichannel approach, it’s more important than ever to rethink the role of OOH. Talon created the CMO Guide to OOH Advertising for marketers to unlock the full potential of a sophisticated media channel, presenting insights, expert tips, and case studies.

Highlights for Marketers:

Download Guide Here

The last year has been a strong period for Out of Home (OOH), and as we look to 2024, the sector shows promise for continued growth and transformation. This dynamic industry has consistently evolved, given back and provided advertisers with exceptional creativity, data-driven strategies, and technology-driven outcomes.

It’s not surprising that consumers prefer in-person media channels for advertising over online platforms, with OOH and digital OOH (DOOH) ranking among the top five channels. No longer just a medium that drives primarily top-of-the-funnel outcomes, OOH is successfully driving bottom-end metrics too.

Overall, global OOH revenue is projected to reach US$38.41bn in 2023, with DOOH projected to reach US$17.54bn. By the end of 2024, global OOH is predicted to reach US$45bn. DOOH is set to see further significant growth and is predicted to grow 17% – driven by further media owner investment and increased investment in programmatic OOH (prOOH).

Curious about the future of OOH? In this blog, we’re diving deep into the upcoming trends and insights shaping the landscape for 2024:

  1. The Positive Impact of OOH 
  1. Data-Driven Outcomes 
  1. A Drive Towards Attention 
  1. Creativity and Technology Unite 
  1. The Brand Fame Comeback 
  1. Standardisation of Programmatic OOH 
  1. Retail Media & DOOH drives Path to Purchase 
  1. Enhancing OOH with AI 

The Positive Impact of OOH 

OOH will continue to come together as a collective to showcase the sustainable and giving nature of the channel.  

A recent study by PwC, commissioned by Outsmart, found that in the UK 46p in every £1 that is spent in OOH goes back into the community. The industry will focus on the positive impact of spending in OOH towards public infrastructure and communities whilst working to reduce OOH’s impact on the environment.

Another study (Outsmart, Legacy Media – out soon) has shown that when compared to TV, Press and Online, OOH has the strongest ESG credentials – ranking highest for Environment and Community.

Data-Driven Outcomes 

The death of the cookie is stated to finally happen in 2024, meaning the era of highly targeted ads will end and advertisers will need to seek new ways to drive brand objectives.

OOH continues to impact across the whole funnel. In 2024, we will see a further drive towards performance and bottom-funnel metrics with brands using first and third-party data to create audience-first OOH campaigns.

We will see even more brands gravitate to utilising OOH for data-driven outcomes. Programmatic OOH impacts metrics across the entire brand funnel amongst optimised audiences. The strongest impacts are seen in bottom funnel metrics – preference and purchase.

A Drive Towards Attention

Understanding attention in advertising will become even more important. Attention in OOH is not a new metric and is imbedded within the methodology of Route. However, understanding how attention is given to inform effectiveness is what should be looked at; not only understanding where someone has looked and for how long, but correlating that with the impact – good or bad – to showcase the influence attention metrics can have on brand performance.  

Kantar’s recent Media Reactions is a key example of how attention is coming to the forefront of conversations surrounding media effectiveness, citing a 90% correlation between channels that consumers claim capture their attention and those that they prefer.

51% of marketers claim their marketing budget decisions are influenced by attention, but Kantar’s report shows a clear divergence between what marketers think delivers consumer attention, versus what consumers think captures their attention. There is a 90% correlation between channels that consumers claim capture their attention, and those in which they prefer seeing advertising.

Creativity and Technology Unite 

Over the past year, we have seen significant developments in creative DOOH, from AR and VR to 3D and AI. In 2024, brands will begin to realise the possibilities and potential of these developments even further to engage audiences, build brand share and deliver significant ROI. 

Looking back at our 4th Space Research, as well as Ocean’s “Neuroscience: Redefining Human Engagement” and “Digital OOH: The Vital Ingredient,” creative digital OOH executions are proven to supercharge impact and deliver significant increases in attention, purchase consideration and memory encoding: 

The Brand Fame Comeback 

OOH is well known for its ability to provide broad reach and deliver brand fame, in 2024 we’ll see advertisers revisit the channel’s number one strength. With a 98% UK population reach, OOH is, of course, powerful at driving reach. However, it is also incredibly powerful at driving brand fame (+23%) and brand trust (+8%).  

The likes of PepsiCo, McDonald’s and HSBC lean into OOH’s strengths to build their brands and we’ll see more and more brands follow suit, using it to build awareness and impact. 

Continued Growth of Programmatic OOH 

2024 will see Programmatic OOH (PrOOH) technology continue to develop, and we’ll see a drive towards the standardisation of PrOOH alongside more OOH media owners trading through programmatic.  

Programmatic OOH spend is predicted to grow over the next 18 months by a third on average (VIOOH State of the Nation). The move towards ever more digital and data-driven outcomes through programmatic will continue to increase, with consumers demanding more dynamic video content to connect OOH to their other digital media channels alongside a growing demand for greater online-to-offline opportunities.  

Advertisers will continue to adopt PrOOH as part of their omnichannel digital strategies, alongside many new brands entering the market as barriers to entry are removed. 

Retail Media & DOOH drives Path to Purchase

The role of OOH within the Retail Media ecosystem will continue to gain momentum and DOOH, will become a pivotal player in every shopper marketing strategy.  

Leveraging first and third-party data, DOOH ensures your message reaches the right audience at precisely the right moment, from the outset of their journey to the final in-store purchase. It’s the missing link that seamlessly connects the worlds of home and store, providing brands with a unique opportunity to engage with consumers on an entirely new level.  

The integration of DOOH with retail media networks will enable marketers to supercharge their shopper marketing – with advanced measurement and attribution solutions linking OOH ad exposure to critical business outcomes. 

Enhancing OOH with AI

As the drive towards AI integration within businesses continues, OOH agencies and media owners will continue to integrate AI to improve efficiency, creativity and copy to create even more effective OOH campaigns.  

Watch this space_ 

AWNY Recap Blog

OOH at Advertising Week New York: Perspectives on a Transformed Medium

Advertising Week New York was an action-packed week of IRL experiences that generated plenty of thought-provoking ideas, predictions, and a strong representation of the OOH medium. Among the prevalent topics were how omnichannel brands and agencies are increasingly harnessing the power of OOH to unlock brand reach and impact that drive results across the entire sales funnel.

The Rise of Retail Media on the Path to Purchase

Reaching consumers on the path to purchase has become critical to influencing mindsets and achieving measurable outcomes. Marlow Nickell, CEO of Grocery TV highlighted the advantage of brands who leverage growing in-store retail media networks.

“We’re super excited about the brand reach achievable through in-store retail. The frequency and the environment are unparalleled. The contextual relevance within the trusted community you’re in is unmatched. We’re just getting started with in-store activation and there’s immense untapped potential.”

Equally important to the scale and quality of screens is the use of data to enhance the customer journey with retail media. Aracely Moreno-Mosier, Senior Director, Omnichannel Marketing Head at PepsiCo offered advice to brands who utilize first-party data.

“The path to purchase has evolved, and to navigate it effectively, we should utilize the tools at our disposal today, including first-party data, available communication channels, and other insights to create a win-win for all. If we do this right, I believe it’s a strategy we can carry into the future.”

Marketers are embracing the growing array of DOOH screens to reach consumers throughout daily journeys, while enroute to retailers, and within physical stores. This full-funnel shopper marketing strategy plays a pivotal role on consumer decision making throughout the path to purchase – reaching highly engaged, targetable audiences at scale and delivering tangible business outcomes.

The Role of OOH on the Full Media Mix

In an era of ongoing media fragmentation where fewer individuals engage with local radio or TV, it’s OOH that stands out as an impactful, broadcast medium. As Outfront’s VP of Marketing, Liz Rave explained how OOH distinctively ingrains itself in communities.

“Integrating OOH into neighborhoods creates a truly unique real-life medium that seamlessly becomes a part of the community, almost like a neighbor,” said Rave. “OOH builds trust for digital brands and when you execute it effectively, by getting the creative and location right, it sparks conversations — and what’s better than people talking about your brand.”

OAAA President & CEO, Anna Bager challenged marketers to improve overall performance and effectiveness by embracing the evolution of OOH from a proven brand builder to a full-funnel marketing channel.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about OOH that I hear almost every day,” said Bager. “It’s a great medium for brand building, it’s great for spectacle, but it’s a little siloed…OOH is much easier to transact these days. It’s definitely more measurable and you can use data in very smart ways.”

Dan Levi, CMO of Clear Channel echoed the importance of rethinking the role of OOH and how marketers are approaching the medium as part of the larger media mix.

“The question revolves around the role that OOH plays and can it perform effectively with other digital channels and social influencers,” said Levi. “How do we make that overall mix work more effectively? Our collaboration is a prime example of how we can not only gauge the impact of exposure to a billboard but also measure its incremental contribution to your business.”

It is increasingly important for marketers to look at the holistic impact of media channels from the lens of a consumer to truly understand what’s shaping a brand’s success. Levi added:  

“Don’t think of OOH or measure it in a silo. There’s not a single consumer on this planet who thinks about media channels – that’s something we, as marketers, do. Think about your consumers holistically and the essential role that OOH plays in driving performance.”

Advanced measurement capabilities have elevated OOH’s role in the omnichannel media mix. No longer a strictly upper-funnel medium, OOH has proven effective at delivering outcomes that include increased levels of awareness, consumer footfall to brick and mortar locations, and both online and offline sales lift. When integrated with 360-degree marketing strategies, OOH has produced a halo effect, positively impacting brand performance by reinforcing a consistent brand message across channels.

Programmatic DOOH Advantage

The growth of DOOH and the ability to transact programmatically will continue to play a role in the advancement and adoption of the medium. During a session that offered an insider perspective on the state of programmatic DOOH, Wade Rifkin, EVP/GM Programmatic at Clear Channel shed light on the convergence trend and the growth occurring.

“The flexibility of programmatic buying, the auction-based model, granular media decisioning, and optimization – these things are not coming down the pike,” explained Rifkin. They’re available today, and they’re doable. This has really cemented the use case for programmatic OOH, particularly when combined with audience data targeting and measurement capabilities that are now table stakes across all channels. These two elements coming together have really accelerated the adoption of programmatic OOH.”

The integration of DOOH inventory within omnichannel DSPs is a crucial step in un-siloing the medium by making it more easily transactable for buyers. Whether tapping into curated inventory packages in a self-serve environment or utilizing a managed service to plan and buy programmatic campaigns, flexible execution paths are increasing the adoption of DOOH.

Natrian Maxwell, GM of Emerging Channels, The Trade Desk shared similar views on the role programmatic DOOH within the omnichannel media mix and the importance of measurement.

“What started off as a silo channel has now become part of a marketing flywheel. It’s a touchpoint for folks who are not watching CTV, aren’t at their computers, or aren’t using mobile devices, but are simply living their lives. In these moments of living life, brands have a unique opportunity to connect with their customers naturally and organically, without being intrusive or disruptive. This is where much of the value of the OOH channel lies, and it’s resonating with brands, advertisers and consumers.” 

“I believe OOH has reached a point where, over the last few years, we’ve made significant strides in achieving parity with other channels like CTV. Now, our focus is on bringing attribution and measurement to the space that aligns with our customers’ requirements and in terms of what they’re doing across their omnichannel campaigns as well.”

Prime Big Deals Day kickstarted the holiday shopping season with enticing online offers. Yet, nearly half (48%) of U.S. consumers still favor in-store shopping. A staggering 85% of all retail sales continue to occur in brick and mortar locations, where digital out of home (DOOH) and retail media networks are front and center. Underscoring the imperative to reach consumers along their path to purchase, marketers cannot afford to ignore the opportunities in out of home (OOH) for influencing consumer purchasing decisions. So the question remains: Are marketers missing a vital opportunity to bridge the gap between in-home and in-store by reaching consumers on the go?

New innovations in OOH and the expansion of DOOH inventory offer marketers untapped opportunities for capturing consumer attention throughout their daily journeys with full motion, digital video content across more screens and formats — from street furniture and transit shelters to restaurants and retail destinations. According to Insider Intelligence, U.S. DOOH will make up 31.4% of OOH ad spend this year and is projected to reach $2.87 billion, with double-digit growth expected through the end of 2027.

In parallel, we’re seeing a boom in retail media networks with ad spending more than tripling since 2019. U.S. retail media ad spending is projected to reach $45 billion this year, according to Insider Intelligence. This influx in ad spending has increased the investment in inventory of physical screens at retailers, up 60% year over year, according to Place Exchange.

To engage and convert shoppers at point-of-sale destinations, brands are beginning to recognize the value of OOH as the final touchpoint in the consumer’s path to purchase to drive full-funnel outcomes. With the integration of DOOH and rapid expansion of retail media networks, marketers can supercharge their shopper marketing with advanced measurement and attribution solutions, linking OOH ad exposure to critical business outcomes.

Consider this: 68% of consumers recall OOH ad messaging during their daily journeys, often while enroute to retail destinations. This creates a prime opportunity to raise awareness and drive in-store visits. What’s more, the effectiveness of these ads soars to a 71% ad recall rate when strategically positioned directly outside of stores, according to an OAAA & Morning Consult study. The report also found that once inside a store, three-fourths of adults (75%) notice OOH ads, with higher rates among adults aged 30-44 (81%) and those earning over $100K (81%). Most importantly, these in-store ads drive action, with 42% of consumers reporting that in-store ads directly influence their purchase decisions — delivering an incremental lift of in-store sales.

Increasingly, marketers are now able to leverage a growing array of digital screens to unlock the full potential of their omnichannel marketing strategies. The integration of DOOH and retail media enables brands to take advantage of advanced targeting, premium inventory, and outcomes-based measurement to effectively engage and influence consumers across the shopping journey. Moreover, advertisers have the flexibility to execute DOOH campaigns — either through a Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), or via an expert-led managed service.

Consider the role DOOH plays as part of brands’ shopper marketing strategy

Reach Highly Engaged Audiences at Scale: Already, DOOH is being embraced by a diverse range of retail locations, including big-box stores, department stores, grocers, pharmacies, and convenience stores. According to Place Exchange, there are now more than 850,000 screens across the U.S., collectively generating over 100 billion monthly impressions. This scale offers an expansive and unmissable creative canvas for brands to engage with diverse audiences in their surroundings for maximum reach and impact.

Intelligent, Sophisticated Data & Targeting: The evolution of data-driven OOH provides advertisers with precise targeting capabilities. With DOOH, advertisers can tap into both first-party and third-party data, enabling precise and effective audience reach. Armed with this intelligence, advertisers have access to shopper loyalty information and real-time consumer behavior data to ensure that their ads reach the intended audience — delivering highly relevant and impactful campaigns.

High Quality, Premium Inventory: DOOH screens are inherently premium digital assets, designed to be video-enabled and dynamic to ensure contextual relevance in ad messaging. The availability of premium quality screens at meaningful scale enables brands to bring their stories to life in the real world in more creative and captivating ways, ensuring that their messaging aligns seamlessly with the environments where their ads are seen.

Achieve Measurable Outcomes: OOH has evolved from a traditional brand-building channel to a medium that delivers full-funnel outcomes. No other media matches its effectiveness in engaging on-the-go consumers and delivering timely deals and promotions to nearby shoppers, as well as influencing in-store consumers at the most relevant moments during the purchase process. Furthermore, brands can now measure how many consumers visited their stores through footfall studies and quantify incremental in-store purchases resulting from OOH ad exposure. These tangible results highlight the value of integrating DOOH into an effective shopper marketing strategy.