Why Out of Home Now?

Throughout 2020, Ada, Talon’s Out of Home data management platform, has been evaluating the effects of COVID-19 on OOH audiences and their behaviours.

Throughout the initial lockdown back in March and the varying restrictions since, we’ve been tracking how this has affected OOH audiences with promising results. From this, our “Why OOH Now?” series was born.

Unlocking Opportunities

OOH is the broadcast medium for brands re-engaging with audiences, we’ve seen economy boosts from things like the housing market boom in July and now we’re seeing that despite changing restrictions audiences still mobile, proving that OOH is the perfect medium for advertisers right now.

It wasn’t enough to just rely on data. We really wanted to bring to life the reality of audience mobility, so we’ve been collating weekly videos, showing the reality of OOH audiences in different locations and communities around the UK.

These snippets are real audiences shot by real people in cities and neighborhoods all over the UK. They bring to life the mobility data generated by Ada, and further highlight why advertisers should use OOH now with confidence.

For more information please visit www.talonoutdoor.com/ada or email us at marketing@talonoutddor.com