Talon and DPAA: Advancing the ‘Smarter-as-Standard’ Digital Transformation in OOH

These are halcyon days for the out-of-home advertising industry. In the U.S., brands continue to recognize and reap the benefits of the ability we now have to target audiences and locations more precisely and measure campaigns more effectively than ever before. The enthusiasm and growth of the industry, marked by the embrace of digital, data analytics, automated buying and a host of other technologies, has prompted the entrance of new players with very diverse backgrounds, into the OOH ecosystem, necessitating the establishment of newer guidelines, best practices and standards, that will help drive the industry forward.


That’s where DPAA comes in, leading the way in organizing and progressing the industry from an innovation, technical and measurement perspective. This is of particular importance given the abundance of digital media owners (now also referred to as ‘publishers’), data solutions and creative outlets flooding into an already sizable market.

DPAA offers real client engagement and an opportunity to interface, not just with DOOH service providers and agencies, but a community of brand advertisers and technology innovators. Rather than offering the traditional echo chamber, DPAA genuinely helps drive advancement and ensure that DOOH is doing all it can to maximize impact, influence, reach and consumer response to the widest audience.

Talon continues to establish and deepen its presence in the U.S. market. In recent months, we have executed significant acquisitions and introduced new technology platforms designed to automate OOH targeting and buying and to deliver for brand advertisers’ evidence-based outcomes. It is our mission and intent to continue delivering solutions that enable a smarter planning process through the ability to buy at scale using highly relevant, real-time location data.

The timing of our join-up with DPAA is ideal. As we embark down this path and continue to develop our AdTech proposition for the OOH market in the U.S., the strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities available within DPAA will be invaluable as we endeavor to lead the continued transformation of the OOH industry.