Talon America Partners with LiveRamp to Bolster Data-Driven Out of Home Campaigns

Talon has established a partnership with LiveRamp, a leading connectivity and data provider, which will expand opportunities for advertisers to target and reach audiences across the OOH landscape via Talon’s proprietary data management platform (DMP), Ada.

Ada generates data driven insights into real and recent audience behaviors in the physical world, including how people travel, the OOH inventory they are exposed to, and the actions they take as a result of exposure. By building more precisely targeted and optimized media buys, Ada helps OOH advertisers achieve better brand and business outcomes.

By connecting Ada to LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace, Talon will access more than 100,000 audience segments from over 150 third-party providers. The many audience segments available will enable more advertisers to seamlessly extend their online audience targeting strategies to OOH.

Jonathan Conway, Chief Operating Officer at Talon America, commented, “We all know that delivering relevant ads to large volumes of the right audiences produces great results. That is what OOH does best. The goal for Talon’s data-fueled technologies is to unlock the power of precision-targeted OOH for an even broader set of advertisers. Our partners have embraced Ada to optimize their OOH campaigns and they have been achieving measurable and incremental lifts in brand consideration and purchase intent. Our partnership with LiveRamp will extend those opportunities to supercharge OOH effectiveness even further.”

Proving OOH Effectiveness with Ada Optimized Campaigns

  • Analysis from On-Device Research compared the results of recent Ada optimized campaigns with campaigns that used standard OOH planning techniques. The study uncovered a 32% increase in targeting efficiency with an uplift in brand consideration of 5.8% for Ada campaigns, compared to a 3.8% OOH norm, representing a 53% improvement. The study also found Ada campaigns on average deliver a 1.6% purchase intent lift, which is eight times greater than OOH norms (0.2%).
  • An Ada optimized Casual Dining Restaurant OOH campaign designed to drive restaurant visits to national locations increased the reach of the brand’s target audience by 20% and drove a 318% lift in restaurant visits – increasing lift in visits by 1.4x.

Ada leverages digital advertising data to supercharge one-to-many OOH campaign effectiveness. Specifically, the OOH AdTech offering connects first, second, or third party audience segments to its live feeds of anonymized location history data to produce new insights about real and recent audience behaviors and journeys. Movement patterns are analyzed against the viewability areas of hundreds of thousands of OOH ad units to pinpoint the locations, environments and moments that will most effectively reach and engage high value audiences.