Soreen wanted to promote look at raising awareness to drive salves.

Rather than targeting families, Soreen wanted to target the pre-family audience and millennials who are on the go but health conscious and looking for healthy snacks that would fit into their lifestyle. It would be crucial to raise brand awareness in this audience to help drive sales.



For the pre-family audience and millennials, the brand needed to find a relevant proposition. Research with urban millennials (18-34s) highlighted a lifestyle that often combined, long commutes and sedentary work followed by intense workouts to offset the daily grind. These urban millennials are often on the lookout for healthier snack options that taste good, conveniently sized and low in fat and sugar. The question was how to insert Soreen into this market as a healthy swap?  

The brand hadn’t done a lot of advertising since 2014 and prior to this it had been focused on a family audience. For the millennial target audience, we had to assume that Soreen was relatively unknown and make the brand relevant to them.



To highlight the nutritional benefits of Soreen, such as being lower in fat and sugar we likened it to a long-lasting fuel pack. By elongating the ‘ee’ in the brand’s name we created a standout visual device that shows how Soreen can fuel everyday adventures, making the fun last even longer.  

We found formats and environments which fulfilled the criteria of being suitable for our millennial and family audiences, whilst being a landscape format that suited the Soreeeeeeen artwork concept. 

Multiple creatives were served on multiple environments to ensure each audience were exposed to the campaign. Firstly, London Underground 96-sheets were selected in high footfall stations to provide impact and fame in an environment which is heavily used by our younger audience. 

In order to drive incremental reach, bus supersides were selecting to provide cover across Greater London in which the long copy went hand in hand. Full motion was incorporated into the two, hand selected Large Format Screens to ensure our copy was 2.5x more effective than the static equivalent.

Finally, the highlight of the campaign was the Underground Ribbons where Soreen were one of the first clients to utilise the unique format creatively.



An incredible 17% increase in brand awareness and 129% increase in brand consideration amongst the target audience!

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