During lockdown, Brits’ screen time naturally skyrocketed and reconnecting with nature became a theme in people’s lives. So, as lockdown eased, O2 wanted to allow its customers to use their tech to help them make the most of the great outdoors.  

The ambition was to create a campaign using O2’s Priority program, inspiring people to experience nature in different ways – “Go Green” week. A challenge we faced was creating an installation that wasn’t just COVID-safe, but also promoted O2’s commitment to environmental stability, with interactive elements allowing people to engage with both the Priority app and nature.  



In order to achieve the desired disruptive effect, we chose Shoreditch; a busy commuter area, popular with younger people. The focus of the special-build was a “living billboard” featuring “Go Green” lettering of moss and pistachio stems – specifically selected for their ability to retain a strong green hue over the duration of the campaign.

Underneath the living billboard, a 4-sheet takeover consisting of seven individual posters, was combined into one seamless canvas. This element of the build, featuring a fly posting campaign with takeaway recyclable seed-papers.

Passers-by were invited to rip off the seed-papers to take home and plant for themselves, encouraging them to continue building the connection with nature that was made/strengthened during lockdown. A QR code on the seed-paper, took people to the Priority app, with gardening related rewards and tutorials available.

To ensure people continued interacting with the installation beyond the first instalment, the seed papers were replenished twice and there were emergency stocks in case of weather damage. The build was also monitored daily, ensuring there was no littering around the site.

Keeping the installation COVID-19 safe was of utmost importance, so we mitigated concerns around spreading the virus by installing hand sanitizer dispensers at the site, regularly replenishing them.



The first OOH special-build to go live as UK lockdowns eased, Go Green launched on August 10th 2020, with almost 2000 seed papers collected by participants over the course of the campaign. The social activity that ran simultaneously with the OOH activation, exceeded expectations.

Mark Evans, CEO, Telefonica UK said, “Over the past few months, we’ve really seen the impact that changing our daily behaviours can have on the environment… To support our ‘Go Green’ campaign, we launched our first ‘living billboard’ in Shoreditch, made from hundreds of pistachio stems. Passersby can also pick up wildflower seed paper under the billboard which can be used to grow plants at home.”

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