In a world where male athletes take center stage, Milk redirected the spotlight to women with the launch of Milk 26.2. Milk committed to sponsoring female/female-identifying runners who were running the NYC Marathon and supporting the next generation of female runners with non-profit Girls on the Run.

Milk tapped Talon to lead the OOH campaign, developing a targeted media strategy around the brand, its mission of repositioning milk as a performance drink, and its effort to create a more equitable athletic world.

From mid-September to race day, the campaign included a combination of OOH formats: Digital Bulletins, Digital Spectaculars, 3D Digital Creative, Wild Postings, Urban Panels, and Transit Media. Talon leveraged strategic media placements across running routes to issue an open call for Team Milk, as well as geotargeted ad delivery pre- and post-race.



3,543 Team Milk-sponsored women ran the marathon – and OOH played a pivotal role in reaching consumers.

More than half of those exposed to the campaign recalled seeing an ad for Milk around the city. Exposure to the OOH campaign drove a 5 percentage point increase in ad recall. In fact, when unprompted, 22% of those exposed recalled seeing Milk OOH ads compared to several official sponsors of the NYC Marathon.

The campaign’s outstanding results earned MilkPEP, GALE, Grand Visual, and Talon a 2023 Silver OBIE Award and the 2023 OOH Media Plan of the Year Award!

Team Milk sponsored women
ad recall among exposed consumers
increase in ad recall of video creative

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