We Brits love summer, but the notorious British weather can mess with our plans. In a uniquely Google way, we set out to offer useful and entertaining information to help people enjoy the summer.



Our objective was to build a campaign that would remind users of the wide range of information available all in one place natively on Google; driving awareness of new Google search features and keeping Google top of mind for people on the go.  

Based on the insight that when summer arrives, Brits do all they can to make the most of it, we wanted the campaign to illustrate the inventive ways Brits enjoy the summer no matter what the weather throws at them. We also picked specific moments like Wimbledon and football matches that bring people together and reminded them of how Google could help them enjoy these shared occasions with family & friends. 



As British Summertime means unpredictable weather, we set out to dial up the tension in our creative, as this was an incredibly rich territory for triggering contextual media. The digital OOH campaign assets were all adjusted, triggered and dynamically updated based on the day’s weather conditions, to showcase Google’s helpfulness. Meaning that in Shoreditch on a sunny Friday evening our campaign would update to show the opening hours for popular rooftop bar, Queen of Hoxton.  

Our hero location was Old Street and we utilised this location to deliver our tactical creative along with hyper-localised Shoreditch messaging. For instance, if the weather was cloudy but still warm, creative displayed ‘Could it be a socks and sandals kind of day?’ When temperatures went above 21 degrees the digital OOH would show searches for London Fields Lido opening times. Or if it was rainy, creative would change to say ‘why let a bit of rain stop your fun?’ with imagery of Brits barbequing in the rain. 

When we took our campaign nationwide we layered in further data and insights in order to activate hyper-local messaging. In London, Manchester, and Birmingham we utilised full-motion OOH to showcase the benefits of new Search and Maps features for the local community. So in Manchester, the digital OOH displayed a search for ‘Best Ice Cream in Manchester’ and the creative would then reveal a suggestion for ‘Ginger’s Comfort Emporium’ showing its 4.6-star rating, opening hours and directions to the store from the digital OOH site.   

No matter if you were rushing on the morning commute, trying to dodge the rain, relaxing on the weekend, or heading out to play cricket – our nationwide billboards were there to remind people how Google is there to help the audience ‘Make the Most of Summer.’ Highlighting how Google is helpful, no matter the time, place, weather, or mood you’re in.  



The campaign was a huge success, driving brand lift above our targets at a cost 25% lower than our benchmark.  

Our high-relevance OOH improved brand advocacy by 6%, and the Old Street takeover alone drove a 20% increase in brand advocacy amongst those exposed.  

Critically, the focus on key verticals drove increased usage of Google’s new features.  

Thanks to our highly contextual campaign, more digital journeys started with Google and our brand was positively impacted.  

brand advocacy
brand advocacy driven by Old Street

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