Clinique wanted to create a memorable event that brought its popular moisturising product to life visually, in a premium environment with a premium execution.



The campaign launched during the busy Easter period as footfall and shopping moments rise for consumers.

Standout ad formats were needed to grab attention and interrupt behaviour with creative innovation in a mall environment.

We also needed to drive recall of the product to new audiences as we know from Clinique in-store consultants that consumers come to the counter and ask for ‘the pink one’.



To create something innovative and impactful, we spent three months building five bespoke water installations within the perimeter of a traditional mall 6 sheet.

Water surged from both sides of the 6 sheet before rolling over a super-sized 3D moulded replica of the new product in the centre. The large iconic pink cream was suspended in the centre allowing for a perfect showcase within an OOH environment.



Activity continued the double-digit growth momentum of the entire Moisture Surge franchise, effectively recruiting new customers and holding the brand’s position as market leaders.

  • The target audience, Young Millennials, over indexed for this product vs the usual Clinique client
  • Maintained #1 moisturiser spot
  • Grew +12% in value.
double digit growth
moisturiser spot
growth in value

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