Administrative Manager

Role Description

At Talon, we provide our clients with world class service, technology, and collaboration to create exceptional OOH campaigns that deliver measurable results. In our first 10 years, our desire to offer intelligent, creative, technology-led OOH solutions and a full-service OOH offering saw us grow into a team of over 230 people located in key cities across the globe. We’re passionate about OOH and are on a mission to drive the growth of this sector within the media industry – changing perceptions of it as a legacy medium to one that is highly effective, creative, sustainable, and measurable for our clients.

The Role

  • Responsible for entering and maintaining Out of Home contracts.
  • Responsible for entering and reviewing media billing each month.
  • Acts as liaison between Out of Home and Accounting Departments.


  • Internal: Reports to Executive Vice President of Operations and Buntin Out of Home’s President/COO.
  • External: Establishes and maintains positive relationships with clients and vendors.


  • Enter all contracts and renewals into GeoTrak and AdWare systems.
  • Manage the renewal tracking and contract stewardship process.
  • Coordinates with Accounting Department on billing and invoice clearing functions.
  • Interacts with vendors relative to contract terms, invoice problem resolution, etc.
  • Provides accounting support for Account Managers.
  • Maintains and audits contract files for appropriate documentation.
  • Assist in development of administrative policy and procedural documentation.
  • Audit GeoTrak/AdWare for congruency.
  • Performs other Out of Home responsibilities as necessary.

Job skills

  • Organization: The ability to organize and maintain a high volume of data in a neat and orderly fashion so that it is readily available to any who needs to access it.
  • Productivity: The ability to process large volumes of data in a timely manner with a high degree of accuracy
  • Communications: To demonstrate solid communication skills, both oral and written in order to effectively interface with the agency, its clients and its business partners.
  • Interpersonal: Ability to be sensitive to the needs of others and to obtain the trust and respect of others. To respect the personal and professional needs of others.
  • Decisiveness: The ability and confidence to make good business decisions and to maintain a firm and stable position.
  • Initiative: The ability to take action without the direction of others and to anticipate and develop solutions to problems and recognize opportunities for improvement.
  • Growth: Demonstrate an interest in the agency, its clients and the outdoor industry.
  • Systems: Demonstrate a proficiency in basic computing skills with an emphasis in Microsoft Office products and Internet usage.

Responsibility of the Agency

  • Provide training and support to foster growth and a successful long-term career at The Buntin Group.
  • Provide actionable objectives and timely performance reviews in order to measure ability and delivery on agreed to objectives and needs.
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