Atlas Delivers Outstanding Results for Financial Services Company Fineco’s UK Launch Campaign

Research showed that for Fineco’s ‘Trade Without Compromise’, its first UK OOH campaign which encouraged trade investors to consider returning to the UK market post-Covid, outperformed against campaign KPI’s and key OOH benchmarks.

Fineco’s Success: UK OOH Campaign on Talon’s Atlas Platform

The campaign was the first to run on Atlas, Talon’s recently launched intelligent automated digital OOH platform. It identified their target audience based on real and recent audience behaviours and spanned screens across London and the South East. The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness and consideration within Fineco’s target audience.

Results from the research for the automated proprietary OOH targeting solution show that:

  • 60% of Fineco’s target audience took action as a result of seeing the campaign
  • Purchase intent increased +7p.p amongst those exposed to the OOH campaign, the largest shifts vs competitors and significantly above the OOH benchmark
  • The execution significantly drove trust in the Fineco brand (+14p.p)
  • The OOH campaign amplified brand relevance, +7p.p to 50% following OOH exposure.

Atlas identified the locations, time of day, day of week and environments that would best deliver their audience. The intelligent, optimized campaign ensured maximum exposure, and minimum waste for the hard to reach ‘high net worth’ audience. 1 in 2 felt the environment and time of day fitted the Fineco ad and 43% said the advert targeted them in the right mindset.

To further amplify the campaign, the Hearts & Science digital team retargeted individuals exposed to the OOH campaign on Mobile. By extending their digital strategy across digital OOH, Fineco maximized the multiplier effects of OOH and mobile working in unison across OOH environments.

Sophie Pemberton, Group Strategy Director at Talon Outdoor adds: “These results show how Atlas can position OOH brand campaigns as complementary to online campaigns and used to bolster overall results. What this campaign with Fineco does is highlight the role OOH when used in conjunction with online strategies to improve performance across both channels.”  

Fineco managed the complete campaign process through Atlas, from planning, buying, creative upload and reporting. Atlas is the first automated buying platform of its kind in OOH, streamlining many of the processes which would otherwise happen manually.