Adweek Elevate: OOH Panel Recap: The Power of Out-of-Home Proximity for Local & Regional Advertisers

Adweek Elevate OOH Panel: Leveraging Local & Regional Ads

During the Adweek Elevate: Out of Home event, Talon America’s Vice President of Digital Solutions, Danielle Rind, was joined by Michael Page, Senior Vice President of Digital Sales at FOX Television Stations, Christiana Cacciapuoti, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Innovation at MadHive and Blake Sabatinelli, COO of Atmosphere TV, for a discussion on how OOH presents new omnichannel opportunities for local and regional advertisers.

The session, which was moderated by Adweek Executive Editor Chris Ariens, included some top-line thoughts by Talon’s Danielle Rind:

  • The growth of digital out-of-home (DOOH) and access to audience and location intelligence have unlocked marketers’ ability to target and measure OOH campaigns more precisely.
  • Advertisers can tap into new over-the-top (OTT) and DOOH capabilities to get a broader picture of the customer journey and deeper insights on a single audience from in-home to out-of-home.
  • OOH specialists that have invested in data-rich technologies have enabled advertisers to execute regional and local campaigns at scale and drive measurable outcomes.

Among the panelist key takeaways:

DOOH Gives Advertisers Agility

“There’s a growing demand for OOH. Media owners realize that some of the ways they can support and feed that advertiser demand is by transitioning from static to digital units – and investing in new digital screens like urban kiosks. On the advertiser side, DOOH allows brands to be nimble and run different versions of their messaging based on locations and times, as well as consumer behavior and situational contexts,” said Danielle Rind.

Drawing Parallels Between OTT & DOOH

“Both OTT and DOOH represent an evolution from their predecessor, i.e. traditional television and OOH. From a macro level, these are two high-impact mediums that are now digital, which makes them more accessible and more accurate. They can now sit in the same campaign and media plan – and data can be leveraged to measure ROI,” said Christiana Cacciapuoti.

DOOH as a Natural Extension of CTV

“As experts in high quality, long-form video advertising, we work with our customers to really help them understand the impact, the performance, and the value that their advertising is having on our connected TV product. I see DOOH as a natural extension of that, especially on a geographic level and a targeted level,” said Michael Page.

New Solutions to Unify In-home & OOH Advertising

“One natural way for advertisers to look at combining OOH and OTT is to extend an engaging video campaign from the 1:1 or 1:3 in-home screens to OOH screens that are going to provide a similar experience. Audience data and targeting is another way to unify the mediums and track digital reach across different devices and units, therefore creating an extension of the campaign and managing the user journey in terms of exposure, frequency, and different messaging,” said Danielle Rind.

OOH is a Full-Funnel Solution for Advertisers

“Traditionally people think of OOH as just a billboard – and it’s become so much more than that. As a person who came from TV, we’re seeing comparable results with OOH. For example, we have a food client that placed a local ad that saw 129% increase in ROI. That level of foot traffic speaks to the true addressability of OOH. You’re able to target contextually based on the venue, know who you’re going to reach, and achieve your desired result. Overall, OOH is a full-funnel opportunity to attract engaged audiences who have purchase intent,” said Blake Sabatinelli.

The Importance of Local Market Intelligence, Executed at Scale

“Markets vary – and understanding that is critical. Driving footfall to a retail location in NYC is different from a geographic radius standpoint than San Antonio. The same is true when looking at audiences and demographics and how they behave in one market versus another market. The reason that’s so important for OOH is that it dictates the locations that an advertiser wants to be in and the types of inventory they want to purchase to resonate with the right audience. And OOH specialists like us are now able to refine the data to help advertisers buy locally at national scale,” said Danielle Rind.

“It’s a revolutionary time to be able to connect the dots for advertisers across all these different screens. You certainly couldn’t do this 20 years ago or even five years ago. As a seller, it’s important to convey to the advertiser on the combined advantages of the high-quality inventory and scale on the connected TV side, plus DOOH, so they see the value,” added Michael Page.