Advertising Week New York Recap: Talon’s Danielle Rind on the Role for DOOH and Programmatic Buying within the Omnichannel Mix

Brands and agencies are embracing digital out-of-home (DOOH), and through programmatic trading, media buys can be paused, pushed, and optimized with the same ease as other digital media. Particularly helpful during the last 19 months, DOOH is being used increasingly by brands and agencies to add flexibility and agility to their media strategies.

At Advertising Week 2021, Talon America Vice President of Digital Solutions Danielle Rind joined DPAA Global President & CEO Barry Frey, Vistar Media Senior Vice President and Head of US Sales Lucy Markowitz, and Captivate CRO Lorenzo Papa for a discussion on “Programmatic DOOH: A Growing Part of the Omnichannel Mixthat explored the state of the art and what’s next on the horizon.

The session highlighted how brands and agencies are using programmatic DOOH, what’s needed on both the publisher and demand side, and the future of the emerging medium.

Key takeaways:

Programmatic DOOH is Just Now Starting to Grow

OOH advertisers and media buyers are accustomed to hand-selecting their media placements and flight dates and negotiating with media owners directly. The role of programmatic buying is to provide a different way of purchasing OOH media that reduces the focus on the individual media placements and shifts it to following audience behaviors. This is a mindset and strategic shift, and as such, programmatic is only now beginning to be adopted in OOH.

“Putting together a direct buy can be a meticulous and complex process whereas programmatic is like hitting the easy button so you’re able to create this expansive reach using a high impact medium in a seamless way. Programmatic OOH allows advertisers to focus on reaching audiences, adjust their creative or shift where they are buying. This new approach is foreign for some traditional buyers,” said Danielle Rind.

Programmatic is an Extension of OOH

Programmatic is complementary to direct buying and offers new ways for advertisers to access OOH and simplify the buying process.

“There is absolutely a time and place for buying direct. Direct buying is not going away but we see programmatic as an extension to the OOH channel. Our goal is to make it easier for advertisers to access OOH with programmatic buying. As demand for long-form video and connected video increases, we’re seeing new opportunities with connected TV (CTV) dollars flowing into programmatic and DOOH,” said Danielle Rind.

OOH Can Now be Integrated into a Wider Omnichannel Video Strategy

The growth of digital video offers new opportunities for advertisers to unsilo OOH and activate a cross-channel video strategy that can connect CTV and OOH audiences.

“As an independent agency, we can move in the direction that makes sense for us. Early on, Talon differentiated itself by investing in technologies, such as our proprietary DMP, Ada, and establishing programmatic partnerships. We continue to innovate and push the boundaries. Right now, we’re looking at omnichannel beyond mobile. We’re looking at how consumers interact across different screens, such as CTV, and to connect that experience with DOOH,” added Danielle Rind.