A Summer Spent OOH: Key Trends

With Summer finally upon us, consumers are planning on how to spend a Summer in a ‘new normal’. Our latest consumer research piece looks at the Summer of 2022 and how consumers best plan to spend it. Although going abroad is top of the agenda for so many, results indicate strongly that many people plan on spending time locally but out of home, lending to new opportunities for advertisers using the OOH medium. We know from tracking mobility levels through out the pandemic that mobility remains strong throughout the Summer, despite school holidays. It’s fair to say this Summer will bring unprecedented levels of mobility with people of out of home, bringing new targeting opportunities for advertisers.

Seizing Summer 2022: Out of Home Advertising Insights

Spending time outdoors is on everyone’s agenda! Holidays are top of that list, both abroad but staycations too.  42% of respondents plan on going abroad, while a further 28% plan on going abroad and taking a staycation. 16-24’s are most likely to go abroad with almost 50% stating so.  Interestingly, many of us will be making the most of our Summer through staycations (61%), day trips around Ireland, daily activities, and days out with children.

The question on how respondents plan to travel for staycation trips and day trips as mentioned previously, yielded some interesting results.  80% of those interviewed will be travelling by car.  In addition, 91% will be using some form of public transport to get around this Summer, either by bus, train, DART or LUAS.  Therefore, planning an OOH campaign couldn’t be easier.  By using a mix of multi environment formats across roadside, travel and retail formats, brands are guaranteed that key messages will be communicated effectively to target audiences.

Attending festivals and concerts is the top performing activity this Summer across all demographics.  53% of us will be attending at least one concert or festival this Summer, while 26% will be attending a sporting event.  45% of respondents will be travelling to a main city to socialise while 32% plan on shopping in at least one main city this summer.

Finally, when we asked respondents what they are most looking forward to, “Being able to be outside and enjoy the Summer” topped the poll, as well as spending time with family and friends and everything re opening.

The summer of 2022 is shaping up to be productive, with many people making up for lost opportunities and spending as much time out of home as possible.  With so many audiences on the move, there has never been a better time than now to plan Out of Home Advertising.

*Results are based on a sample of 250 respondents nationwide using an online methodology.